Children’s Immunity and disease protection

Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga organised the Friday weekly webinar on 6th August 2021.

The session began with the introductory remark delivered by Dr. I.V Basavaraddi, who started by introducing our guest speaker and gave the overview of the session, where the following points were told:

● Immunity

The immunity is basically the ability of our body to fight against diseases and keep us healthy.

● Types of Immunity

Immunity can be divided into two parts: –

  1. Natural/Innate immunity that everybody gets from birth.
  2. Adaptive/ acquired immunity which is born in the body after coming in contact with the disease, after birth or after vaccination.
  • It is very important that these two immunities should corporate together in fighting any diseased condition especially in the situations like pandemic. So, our exercise, diet, sleep etc have profound effect on Immunity.
  • Immunity is not only just taking medicines and vaccination but three important components everyday i.e., Diet, Exercise and sleep.
  • In Covid times our contribution towards nation is that we should keep ourselves healthy and disease free. He took the point forward and said by doing this we can break the chain and contribute to stop the Spread of COVID Virus.

Dr.I.V. Basavareddi emphasised on “Yoga” as it is a complete package and has practices such as Asana, Pranayama, Meditation which works on all the planes of our body.

The Eminent speaker of the evening Dr. Sachin Bhargava Senior Paediatrician & Convenor, Sparsh Society NGO gave an elaborated and informative session.

Following points was discussed during the session:

1. Vaccination

As it Plays a major role in overcoming the pandemic condition. He gave the example of Small pox and Polio which got vanished majorly because of vaccination.

2. Pillars that help support our immunity.

  1. Pillars that help support our immunity. Shown in block below:
  2. 1.Diet Malnutrition and obesity reduces the immunity. Hence it is mandatory to keep check over your BMI and maintain an adequate diet.
  3. 2.Physical ActivityOur body is designed in such a way that it needs any sort of physical activity which should increase heart rate for at least for 15-20 minutes in a day to remain healthy.
  4. Rest –Our body is connected with nature, in order to increase our immunity and for a healthy life we should maintain our day- night cycle and should take adequate rest.

Apart from this Daily meditation and optimistic view help to overcome the disease as seen in many cases during COVID and other pandemic in past. There are certain habits like smoking and drinking alcohol weaken our Immune system and reduces our overall immunity, around 90 % case of lung cancer is due to Smoking.

3. When it comes to Children’s immunity 3 factors should be kept in mind:

  1. Apart from being a complete diet for infant Breastmilk also contains all the antibodies that is inside the mother’s blood which makes the infant immune towards all the disease that the mother had in her life till then
  2. In their first year, babies triple their birth weight. To grow that much, they need a lot of nutrients – more than at any other time in their life. Till 6 months breastmilk is enough for the infant however after 6 months child’s body needs more nutrients.
  3. There are a lot of disease for which vaccines are given in childhood, these vaccines protect the child from serious and sometimes deadly diseases.

Effect of Obesity and lack of Physical activity In Children’s during the lockdown

In these pandemic times obesity in children due to lack of physical activity has also been seen which is also affecting their immune system, for this parent should engage their children in various activity which involves movement of body, they may engage them in dance or yoga classes or even can fix a time in a day where you along with your children’s do any physical activity (Yogasana, dance, exercise).

Dr. Sachin Bhargava concluded the session with the saying that Children will do what they see not what you teach them. Hence if parents want their children to develop good habit, then they should first cultivate those habits in themselves then automatically children’s will grab those habits. Proper Nutrition, Physical activity, rest and Meditation together contributes to a healthy lifestyle and better immunity.

The webinar was hosted by Dr. Vandana Singh with Dr. I V Basavaraddi, Director, MDNIY, Taiyab Alam, and other members of the institute as panelists.

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