Stay at Home, Stay Fit



Vrikshasana is one of the asanas that help in improving neuromuscular coordination, endurance and concentration. It is highly beneficial for the students as it helps enhancing their concentration span which is helpful in their studies. The practitioner can increase the time of asana gradually ; but one should avoid doing this asana in condition of arthritis and vertigo.

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Here is a magical asana for the current scenario Uttana Mandukasana. It improves diaphragmatic movements and therefore, enhances lungs’ capacity. Besides, long sitting hours of our job leave us with a stiff and painful back. Uttana Mandukasana helps in relieving from back pain. Our wrong posture also causes neck pain and in some cases, results in cervical spondylosis which is very painful. This asana is very much helpful in relieving from such conditions.

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